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With 65 members this network is the best representation of the supply industry to the international Dairy sector. The strong connection to research and innovation is strengthened by the location of the Dutch Dairy Centre at the Dairy Campus in the middle of one of the strongest Dairy regions in the Netherlands.

All members of the Dutch Dairy Centre (DDC) are specialists in their segment of the market and they can also work closely together to serve clients better worldwide. There is almost no country in the world where one or more of the DDC members haven’t got experience in doing business.

On this DCC website you will find all of the members segmented by the type of products they provide and a link to their own website. The members can also work together for you as a group or in a consortium.

The DDC members share the experiences that they have in the countries where they do business, in biennial meetings and in contact between meetings. They are also informed about visitors to the Dairy Campus, where the secretary is based.

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For questions you can contact our secretary and you will be helped quickly and efficiently.

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